…over the clutch pivot ball.

Upon going to finish up the clutch installation, I discovered that I had incorrectly installed the clutch pivot ball resulting in the throw out bearing being unable to contact the clutch fingers. Seems like a simple enough fix—remove the transmission, remove the clutch fork, install the correct pivot ball and reassemble. And therein lay the rub.

Removing the transmission turned out to be a considerable chore that involved cutting and access panel in the driver’s side tunnel to get at the upper bolt on the driver’s side and removing the shifter collar to obtain enough room to slide the transmission back far enough so the input shaft would clear the T/O bearing. The new access hole turns out to be a necessity as without it I could not have extracted the fork.

After finding out the correct distance from the new T/O bearing to the clutch disk (1/4″), I was able to calculate how long the new pivot ball needed to be. Of course, It couldn’t be that I just needed to install the new one and adjust it. No, turns out it’s too long (last one was too short) to fit between the pressure plate and the mounting ear so I ended up cutting about an inch off and re-dressing the end so I could screw it in. Once that was done, I reinstalled the clutch fork and slid the transmission back into place. To my surprise, it went right in, so much so that I slid out from underneath the car to have a look through the newly cut access area to verify that everything went together correctly. It did.

I still need to trim the clutch slave push rod just a bit but, other than that and hooking up the clutch hard line, I’m just about ready to fill and bleed the system and see what I have. Stay tuned…




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