The ’52 MG TD is Running Once Again!

Driver's side all put together

Driver’s side all put together

After fixing a annoying bad ground wire and correcting the firing order (#3 and #4 wires had been swapped), I pulled the choke, turned the key, pulled the starter and…vroooom! Started right up and idled like a champ. Sounds like a sewing machine, it’s that smooth.

In anticipation of the body shop coming to get the TD at the end of the month, Bruce wanted to move it from the shed (below the house) to the garage on the street level. So we measured the gate opening—59″—then the width of the car (no fenders)—56″—giving us a mere inch and half on each side to slide it through. To top off things off, it was just a glorious Vermont spring day. The perfect setting to pull the little TD into the light of day for the first time in many, many months.

Passenger side

Passenger side

With Bruce guiding the way, I eased the MG between the gate posts and out onto the street. Clutch was smooth, brakes were decent (as good as they can be for a TD), and the engine temperature was just perfect. The only noticeable issue that will need some attention is the front suspension…due new shocks and bushes before the final assembly is completed. Very bouncy.

Just for fun, I installed the fuses and we tried the new Twin Tone lucas horns (thanks, Hugh). Simply perfect. Sounds just as it should. The remainder of the electrics will wait until after paint to be completed.

There is still plenty to do while the TD is off getting prettied up. Top bow and side curtain frames all need to be cleaned up and repainted and the new curtains installed on the reconditioned frames, the missing glove box door needs to be built, the passenger foot rest sourced and restored, and a hundred other small things need to be prepared for the final assembly. Hopefully to occur sometime in the late summer.

In the meantime, I plan to stop by the garage at some point in the next few days and shoot some video of the running car. So, stay tuned for more…

And, here it is..