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Dry Sump Plumbing Complete, New Steering X-member

So, the big question is, “Does it work?” Dunno. Filled the oil tank an primed the system. My mechanical gauge read 60 pounds of pressure so it clearly charged up. The P/S steering system is filled (but not purged), there are fluids in the transmission, rear end, and radiator. Just the last of the electrical to hook up and check out before, I hope, the first start.

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MGB V8 Exhaust System Is Finally Done

A set of headers, a bit of pipe, a pair of SpinTech mufflers, and a few odds ends later, the exhaust system is comes together…

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It’s Been A While…

Seems like since Lime Rock I’ve been absent from the old garage, but it’s not so. In fact, I’ve been diligently working on the ‘B’east attending to what seems like (and is in fact) an endless of details from figuring out where all of the snap studs for the tonneau go to completing the striping […]

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