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MG Ts In Middlebury

Last month (June) I attended the NEMGTR (New England MG T Registery) 50th annual Gathering of the Faithful (GOF) in Middlebury, Vermont exhibiting my illustration and decal work. While most of the time I needed to stay close to my stand, the event organizers conveniently parked a few of the more spectacular MGs right next […]

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New Plan B Illustration Web Site

A bit of a “busman’s holiday”, but the Plan B site was in desperate need of a refresh given the increase in traffic it’s seen since launch about 13 months ago. When I started it, I had no idea how popular it would become and the old design was getting harder and harder to keep […]

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MG TD Gets A New Exhaust

To be completely fair, this wasn’t a planned upgrade. More like a crime of opportunity.
After nearly completing the restoration and with winter setting in, I advised Bruce to “not take the TD on the road” until spring came and washed the salt and grit off the pavement. Part of my advice was meant to preserve […]

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