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With the winter weather still solidly locked in and temperatures not rising much above the single digits, there’s not much work going on to the ‘B’east. So, I’ve turned my restless mind to the site and used the down time to catch up in a few areas.

The Mean Green Machine

The Mean Green Machine

Factory Five Cobra Profile—This was my first effort after really getting back into the car hobby after a 12 year or so hiatus to raise a family and build my business. While I eventually sold it, I have some wonderful memories of both building it and driving it. Cobra Profile, Cobra Journal

V8-on-a-budgetSmall Block Ford Build Up—This is the motor that’s in the MGB…in all of its dry sump glory. I started off witha bare block and built it up with the help of Jack Edgerton, a local race car builder, and a couple of books—”How to Build Max Performance Ford V-8s on A Budget”, and Tom Monroe’s excellent book on building small block Fords, “How To Rebuild Small Block Fords”. I think both should be essential reading if you want to build big power in an SBF without breaking the bank. SBF Write-up, SBF Dry Sump Article

1968 Dodge Power Wagon

1968 Dodge Power Wagon

Past Loves—Two new additions—the Dodge Power Wagon I bought at auction from the U.S. Forest Service and the Peugeot 504 Diesel Wagon, both of which I owned when I lived in colorado for a few years. Both were very quirky vehicles in vastly different ways but were also fun to own…also in distinctly different ways. ’68 Dodge Power Wagon, ’76 Peugeot Wagon, Past Loves

So, let’s all hope the weather lifts soon so I can get back out to the garage and work on the MG…or you’re going to be getting a lot more of this.




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