Rear Brakes Are On, Spare Is Done


Filter relocated

The gift of a January thaw hit up here and with it I took the opportunity to get out in the garage for the day and make some progress on the ‘B’. Today’s assignments were to finish up the oil system plumbing (dry sump), install the rear brakes, and spare wheel hold down (not what you’re thinking).

The oil line work was over almost when it started upon discovering I was short on both the right fittings and hose although I did manage to relocate the oil filter so it was out of the way of everything. While the filter looks like it might interfere with the tire, it’s not so. I test fit the wheel and tire and ran it through the full range of suspension just to make sure. I was also able to assemble and install a couple more lines but that was it. So I switched to the rear brakes. Better.

Bolt-on brackets

Bolt-on brackets


Rotor installed

This is a kit from The Right Stuff and was designed to replace rear drums on a Ford 8.8 rear end. The drilled and grooved rotors were a surprise as I didn’t order them that way. The kit was complete with brackets, rotors, loaded calipers, and all of the hardware.

The instructions were clear and to the point. The brackets bolted right up and, other than needing to shim one of the calipers a bit to center it on the disc, everything fit the way it was designed. Might be one of the easiest things I’ve done on this car so far. Calipers came complete with emergency brake provision, even new parking brake cables so I’m really out of excuses not to finish up the brakes. Only things left are the two hard lines from each rear wheel to the center and to install the brake cables. Sounds easy, huh? I don’t think the lines will be much trouble, but the brake cables hold the promise of being a real pain. We’ll see.

Tire straps

Tire straps

The spare tire hold down idea I owe to Tony Brown who posted an image of a vintage racer on the “It Was Done Back Then” thread on the MG Experience board. I couldn’t duplicate the exact same placement because I have a dry sump tank to contend with but, other than shifting the position, the set up is pretty faithful to the picture I was working from. The leather strap came from a local shoe repair place and the hardware all came from Tandy leather (on-line). This set up has so much more style than original hold down – a simple screw down affair that wen through the center hub.

All in all, a good day in the garage. Now, have to get back to finishing that oil system so I can start the thing up.