Radiator and Fan In, New Oil Pump Bracket

Not a lot of shots to accompany this post. Funny how that works. This is actually one of the more significant steps to getting the car running but I don’t have many photos to show for it.

Clearance? We don't need no stinkin' clearance!

This first picture shows the new radiator shroud and fan assembly and the 3/8″ clearance I have between it and the oil pump drive mandrel. What you don’t get from the shot is the ’64-’65 Mustang ‘conversion’ radiator (intended for early Mustang 302 conversions) that I have installed and the Speedway Motors fan and shroud assembly that fit quite neatly…with just enough room to spare.True, I had to machine the hex hat off of the drive mandrel cap to make it work. But, hey, what’s a little modification here and there?

You might recall (or might not) from a previous post that I was a little concerned about my home made oil pump bracket. There was just a tad bit of flex in it. True, you really had to lean on it to make it flex but flex it did nonetheless so I thought it would be best to add a front bracket to steady things up. There’s was the dilemma. Do I make one out of aluminum or something the looked more ‘period’ correct. I know, I know…pretty silly worrying about authenticity at this point.

New '65 Mustang oil pump bracket

While pondering the solution I kept looking back at my original ’65 alternator bracket and realized that, flipped over, it might possibly be a near exact oil pump front steady. And so it turned out. A stock ’65 Mustang bracket fit nearly perfectly with a little shortening up. Who knew?

What having the cooling system in means in the short term is, once I have the fuel system finished and the oil system plumbed, I can begin to seriously think about building the headers and get the darn thing started. And wouldn’t that be a day!