A Quick ‘B’east Update

In between working on Bruce’s TD and the office, I’ve managed to squeeze in some time on the ‘B’east and happy to report that progress has been made. Nothing worthy of capturing for posterity on camera but progress nonetheless.

I finally completed the rear brake lines—left and right wheel + center line. Like most things on this car bending and installing the brake lines seemed like a simple thing and something I’ve done countless times before. Tat was before I realized I needed to remove the center line from the proportioning valve back to flare the end and, to remove the line, I needed to remove the driver’s seat as the line clamps couldn’t be reached with it in. After pulling the seat, I trimmed the line, reinstalled it, and put the seat back in to discover the flare fitting wouldn’t match up to the Ford center line. Rick, if your’e reading this, did you come over and put your brake curse on me?

The left and right hard lines turned out to be slight easier although it sure would be great if the guys manufacturing the flex lines and the guys making the mounting tabs could get together and come to ground on a common size for the end of the lines and the openings in the tabs. Sigh! Out cam the step drill to open up the holes in the mounting tabs so they’d fir the flex line ends. The driver’s side line was pretty straightforward. THe passenger side line was more of challenge needing multiple bends to get around the rear center carrier then up and over the mounting block for the Panhard bar.

I also finished up the emergency brake installation by fabricating an adjustable cable block that snags the two cables coming from the rear calipers and marries them to the lever eccentric. Not much to it (really). A two inch of 3/4″ by 1″ T6061 aluminum with a couple of holes in it for the cables, once for the adjustable center rod, and a couple for the cable grub screws.

Right now, I’m completing the final installation on the rear axle retainers then will button things up at the rear of the car by putting the wheels back on. Next on the list is to finish the clutch slave and clutch lines installation, then it’s on to the headers and exhaust system. Getting closer,,,,and closer. I’m desperately trying to get this thing on the road before Lime Rock so I don;t have to withstand the withering ridicule of my fellow enthusiasts.