Progress Continues…Panhard Bar

I took advantage of another break in the weather to get out in the garage and take care of some final tuning on the narrowed rear end as well as install the Panhard bar. I need to get in all the time I can as the the temperatures are headed to the single digits (highs) next week and for an extended period so, real time work on the ‘B’east is going to be limited to finishing up the wiring diagram and similar, warmer pursuits.

I don’t have the car high enough in the air to take a shot of the complete length of the bar but there’s not much to see except the two attachment points anyway. I picked this bar up from a fellow MG V8r who just happened to have a bar to fit the 8.8 differential. At $240 (delivered) it was exponentially cheaper than trying to build one myself and the fit, as you can see from the photos, is spot on. It has the appearance of being home fabricated but who knows (the differential bracket is a piece of machined aluminum), most of the aftermarket suppliers for this type of part are home-based or cottage businesses so it could have been an early piece from any one of the current builders. The brackets that go through the body from inside the boot needed a small amount of trimming to fit properly but, other than that, the bar was a bolt-on affair.

Driver's side attachment

Driver’s side attachment

On the driver’s side, the brackets bolt through the body and into the pick-up point for what used to be the attachment point for the limiting strap. I know that some will feel that the mounting lacks the true strength need for the bar, but the previous owner offered that it worked just fine for him and I’ve seen similar fixing points used on bars offered in the aftermarket community. In any case, it’s in and we’ll just have to see about how it works. You can see in the photo that there are several attaching points for the bar end that will allow for some tuning.

Passenger side fixing block

Passenger side fixing block

On the passenger side, the bar fixes to the axle using a very robust machined aluminum block. Not much to it really, it just clamps to the axle tube using two really long bolts so there’s ample thread to help provide adequate clamping pressure.

While I was under the car, I took advantage of my time to re-set the pinion angle, center the rear end from left to right, as well as get it set fore-to-aft the same on both sides of the car. I also shimmed the left caliper out just a tad as I noticed it was dragging more than it should have, measured for my brake lines, and measured for the drive shaft that I’ll order this week from Denny’s in Kenmore, NY. The story on Denny’s is that it’s on Military road in Kenmore, which just happens to be on one of my running loops when we go to visit relatives who live there. That and I bought my last custom drive shaft from them and was very happy with both the price and the part. It should be here in about a week so, if the weather permits, I’m hoping to get it installed. Stay tuned on that one…



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