Progress on the ’52 TD

While I haven’t made much (if any) headway on the B, I continue to move Bruce’s TD further down the path to its first start. The rewiring work continues with the new harness having been run to all it’s points, the connections to the new fuse block and voltage regulator made, and a small sub-harness created for the turn signals, including mounting the turn signal relay. As any who does this kind of work nows, there are rarely any straight paths between points and Bruce’s TD is no exception as I took a break from the wiring on the coldest days to re-veneer the dash and clean up the instrument cluster.

The original dashes were typically covered in the same color Rexine as the interior, but Bruce was really desirous of something a bit more upscale and, as veneering these dashes was commonly done, I found no fault in giving it an upgrade. The substrate was in decent condition except for a hole a previous owner had drilled in between the speedo and tach openings—undoubtedly for a turn signal or low fuel warning lamp. The cubby door is going to have to be completely replaced as the existing piece was something cobbled together with apiece of plywood and hardware store hinges. I’ve sourced all of the correct hardware and have my eye on some new trim pieces on e-Bay so all I lack is the time to cut and veneer a new door, fit all of the bits, and install it.

You can read all about the adventure with Bruce’s ’52 TD here. Lot’s of image galleries and individual shots to mark progress.



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