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About Plan B
As the name suggests, this wasn’t the first thing I had in mind for a business. More like my retirement plan. After a career spent in advertising, design, and web architecure, I wanted to explore my fine arts side—something I hadn’t practiced with any regularity for more than 40 years, maybe longer if we go back to doodling cars in grade school.

I started by executing a few small, mostly free, illustrations of cars for friends of mine and gradually expanded my work to include sought after or hard to find period, vintage racing decals. Lately, I’ve had the pleasure to help another car guy visualize his dream by rendering what his project was going to look like when complete.

It’s all been a lot of fun and a very happy marriage between two things I love—cars and art.

Hard to get better than that.

Illustrations and Renderings
I work in both PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator depending on what best fits the assignment—sadly my pens and paper have been traded for the computer but the results are still very “hand drawn”, I guess it’s just part of my analog legacy and sense of what things should look like. While I sometimes miss the tactile sense that comes with pen and paper, there are things I can do in the electronic environment that just wouldn’t be possible on a drawing board.

Usually I work from photographs but can also start from scratch if the work calls for it. The typical illustration takes about 2-3 weeks to complete and includes a matted, high resolution print. I can also print on specialty papers if you’re looking for that little bit extra.

Decals and Transfers
Generally, I can replicate just about any period decal (including perforation patterns for painted work) as long as there is a photographic record available and you know the relative sizes of each decal you need (I often work from a known measurement on the car in questions to interpolate relative decal dimensions). That includes not only the artwork for image elements but also for period style fonts and letter characters.

Decals are printed on 3M transfer material and are guaranteed color fast in full sun for 5 years (manufacturer’s guarantee). The downside to recreating decals is that the smallest increment of material I can have printed is one linear foot and, while not expensive, will likely yield far more decals than a single application might require as the decal substrate is 96” wide.

#44 graphics package

#44 graphics package

Race Car Graphics
Part of my past includes graphics and promotions packages for several regional level race teams. The most comprehensive package I worked on was for the #44 Busch East (now Nationwide) car of Sean Caisse. The design work included the car graphics, hauler, race uniform, media package, trading cards, autograph cards, t-shirts, calendar, and other promotional items—just about anything and everything related to the #44 team. Although I’ve designed other race car graphics, this remains my favorite because of its completeness. It was, simply, a total effort.

I can design full wraps, partial wraps, and various combinations of individual elements.

Here’s the contact information for the new endeavor:

DCtownsend, LLC—Plan B Illustration
56 Howe Street, Building A,
Rutland, Vermont 05701

P: 802.747.7561
E: [email protected]



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