MGB ‘Speedster’ Doors

More correctly these are roadster doors but in keeping with the “Speedster” body kit from Dave Craddock, I thought it made more sense to have the nomenclature consistent.

This really started when I was going to repair the dreaded “crack of doom” typical to many MGBs right at the back of the wind wings. If I recall the story, this has to do with an inherently poor design of the door at this point that keeps the edge in, more or less, constant stress. Eventually, most of these cars develop a little crack right where the wing frame meets the door cap.

To affect the repair, I needed to remove the wing assemblies as the fix requires either welding the crack then grinding it smooth or, more properly, welding a small reinforcement piece behind the weak area (thus correcting the design problem) then welding and grinding the crack. At this point, the windscreen was still bolted to the car and, while the wings were out, I had taken a moment to stand back and look at the car when it struck me how clean it looked without the wings. And thus, the “speedster door” idea was born.

Below is the image gallery showing the process. You can also read about it here.