MGB Body Work

This really should be titled, “Just A Boy and His Sawzall”  but if I included all of the tools I used to take the MG down to its tub, I’d have to include cut-off wheel, aircraft snips, angle grinder and a host of other tools of destruction in the title. Too long.

This is the first time I really got into cutting away sheet metal from a car. Most of previous experience with body work had been bolting new panels on or repairing the ones that were there. So this represented a whole new chapter in my customizing ‘career’. As it has been said, “the first cut is the deepest”, and so it was. Once I got going, however, my jitters subsided and I was soon comfortable removing whatever sheet metal need to be done away with. For the MG, that included parts of the transmission tunnel, both footboxes, both rear fenders, small parts of both doors, the rear wheel wells, parts of both rocker panels, and sections of the floor.

Reading my list of removed pieces, it might make one wonder what was left. Not much, is the answer. When it was all said and done, the only thing left of the original MGB was the cockpit, the front fender wells, both bulkheads (front and rear), the boot area, and parts of the rockers and floors. That’s it.

Below is the image gallery of most of the body work, right up to paint. You can read more about the car’s development here:

Bodywork, Dash Construction, Hood (Bonnet) Construction, Doors