MG TD Limited Edition Illustration


The most recent illustration in my continuing series of MG cars.  This effort combines more of the classic cutaway style of ghosting in the exterior panels (and some of the other components as well) with my signature, cross action technique. This development of style not only highlights the mechanical components but helps maintain the exterior shapes that are so much a part of the marque giving the illustration a more finished appearance as well as ties back to the heritage of classic cutaways.

Of special interest are the timbers—an integral component of the TD and earlier TC and “Y” and “A” MGs. It’s just so much of what makes a TD a TD that to not show it would have been criminal. The level of detail in the illustration reflects the level of detail in the car itself—from the octagonal medallions on each of the wheels to the signature emblem on the radiator and horn push. It’s all there.

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