Max Balchowsky’s Old Yeller II


Another simply great profile by Wouter Melissen. This is truly one for all of the DIYers out there. A real junkyard dog that went head-to-head with the big boys…and won.

“Known as Old Yeller II, this car featured a chassis designed by Max Balchowsky. Reputedly drawn up on the floor of the Hollywood Motors garage, it was a multi-tubular frame. Balchowsky focused on spreading the loads evenly over the chassis and claimed it could take a 110-ton impact without failing. Keeping up is building tradition, the running gear consisted of a mix of existing parts. At the front the suspension consisted of modified Jaguar upper wishbones and Pontiac lower wishbones, while at the rear a Buick live axle was fitted. Steering was by a rack-and-pinion normally found in a Morris Minor and the drum brakes were lifted off a standard Buick sedan.”

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