Reservoirs Re-lo, Oil Pump Final Install

4/22—It’s been a weekend of  baby steps…mostly finishing up things that were part done or waiting on something else to be finished before they could be wrapped up. Case in point…the oil pump. I’ve been waiting on my new Gilmer belt to arrive (apparently 39″ belts aren’t particularly popular) before removing the pump to paint it, bang out the fender a bit (make some breathing room for the bottom fittings) before installing the pump for, what I hope is, the last time. I’m always amazed how much time all of the little stuff takes.

Final oil pump installation

Next up was to relocate the master cylinders for two reasons: 1) Jim Stabe, a regular visitor to my thread on the BritishV8 forum, noted that he thought the master cylinder reservoirs were sitting a bit low relative to the master cylinder and 2) I’m going to need the space on the driver’s side fenderwell to run my steering shaft. While the image that Jim was referring to when he made his comment created the illusion of the reservoir/cylinder disparity, with the new location on the passenger bulkhead definitely makes them

Brake/clutch reservoir re-lo

higher than the cylinders. Best to be certain on this one. The thing’s got to stop. Moving them off the driver’s side inner fender will also give me some latitude on how the final routing of the steering shaft will go. And, if there’s one thing I’ve learned through this build, it’s that having some flexibility is a good thing…a real good thing.

After those two things were wrapped up it was on to a bunch of small stuff:

  • Replace the alternator adjustment bolt with the correct length
  • Run the hoses for the reservoirs
  • Attach a clamp to the headlight wiring bundle to keep it out of the way of the oil pump drive belt
  • Remover the radiator and fit up the new shroud and cooling fan (1250cfm Spaal 14″)
  • Trim and attache the vacuum hose for the brake booster
  • Install the starter
  • Etc, etc, etc

Serpentine and Gilmer Belts

Things are getting closer to done in the engine bay, except for the headers, so I’m hoping to move on to the front suspension next week—install the hubs, mock up the adjustable upper a-arms, install the shock conversion, and test fit the wheels. The respite from the engine work will let the old wallet have a breather (I have all of the suspension parts) before I tackle the headers because, once I get started on them, I want to go until they’re finished, including the exhaust. I’m guessing that it’s going to be a t least a month’s work (at my pace).

Still, things are creeping slowly towards completion. Oh happy day!