Cobra Journal – Epilogue

Epilogue—It’s been a week or so since the grand expedition to Western New York and with everything going on, I haven’t even had time to wipe the road grime and insect fatalities from Baby. I have had some time for a few short spins—nothing like opening her up on the Thruway but satisfying nonetheless. Just getting in and firing up the motor is still a thrill. The deep burble of the exhaust as you downshift or the crack of the throttle as you grab the next gear. It is all tremendously gratifying. Even it’s just down to the corner grocery.

Thinking about the whole thing—building the car, driving the car, having people react to the car thing—I’m struck by the effect, that, what was basically such a selfish activity has had and still has on people. It was really self-indulgent, the construction, and it’s marvelous how it turns out to not be about me at all, but about all of the people, what they see, what they feel, how they react and what they think. It is as if, I built it for them. And, based on my recent experience, I guess I did. I don’t know that I would have undertaken the project with that in mind but I’m happy it turned out that way. Building the car would have been nothing very special without all of those people.

I don’t know what a smile or a dream is worth but, when I built the Cobra, if I’d have known the effect this simple machine would have had on people…I would have built a thousand of them. Who knew?