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Lockheed – Borg & Beck Decal Re-creation

WM_Sebring-1969-03-22-062b-2 [1]

#62 MGB GT at Sebring

I received a contact from Ralph Zbarsky through one of the MG message boards about re-creating, what turns out to be, a very rare period decal for one of the factory prepared MGB GT race cars. While period photos were not plentiful, nor of particularly high quality, I was able to enhance one of them sufficiently to make out most of the components. It is believed that the decal represented a two-race sponsorship only for Sebring and Nelson Ledges on the #62 car in 1969. The decal only appears on the right side of the GT. You can see it right behind the number lamp.

As to the details of the construction:

Print [2]

First draft before high-rez photo reference

Lockheed decal original2 [3]

Final design after new photo reference supplied











There was quite difference between my original draft and the finished decal once I was able to source a high resolution version of the car that showed the decal detail. This assignment was less about the actual illustration work than it was about being a good detective. Here are a couple of shots of the decal on Ralph Zbarsky’s MGB GT.

Lockheed decal on Ralph's MGB GT [4]

Lockheed decal on Ralph’s MGB GT

Looking like it was there all along [5]

Looking like it was there all along