The Itinerary

Here’s the blow-by-blow of the 2012 Lime Rock British Iron Tour. All times are for Saturday, September 1, 2012.

6:30AM – Gather at Mom’s Diner in Wallingford, Vermont for breakfast. Mom’s is a cash only place but the food is great, the coffee hot, and the price is right…a stack of blueberry pancakes with pure Vermont Maple syrup is only $4. Figure on a cup (or two) of coffee plus a tip and you’re out of there for about $6.

7:15AM (or so) – Hit the road on U.S. Route 7 South for Lime Rock, CT. This will take us through southern Vermont, across Massachusetts, over the border, past Great Barrington and on to the track. Directions are here. Total drive time from Rutland is about 3 hours, give or take.

8:30AM – Fuel stop in Pittsfield, MA, then back on the road to the track. This would be a great chance for any of the navigators to swap rides (if they so choose). Any drivers that feel comfortable swapping rides are also welcome to do so.

10:15AM – Arrive at the track, park, and gather at the entrance to the midway. A bit about parking at LRP. Typically, they cull out the special cars and give them a preferred parking spot at the entrance to the track…better for spectators. There are also special areas of general parking set up by marque where you may be directed to park. For anyone who doesn’t fall into the first two categories, it’s the “south 40”.

10:30AM – Gather at the entrance to the midway. Split up or stay together and tour the pit areas.

11:45AM – Meet at the hospitality tent at the top of the hill for a bite to eat and beverage. Bring cash, there’s no credit card facility at the tent (or, at least there hasn’t been). Lunch is not expensive, usually a ten spot will more than cover you. Food is good, especially for track food. If you’d like something less ‘elegant’ the snack bar at the entrance to the pits has the usual hot dogs, hamburger fare.

1PM – Racing begins (or resumes). LRP is a great track to walk and there are a ton of spectacular vantage points to watch the races from.

4:30PM (or so) – Gather at the entrance to the midway and head out for Bennington, VT.

6:30PM – Dinner at Madison Brewery. A cut above your typical pub food and some perfectly wonderful brews. Depending on how crazy you want to get on dinner, plan on $20 with a tip.

7:30PM (or whenever) – Leave for Rutland or other points home.


A few handy tips to make this a good time for all:

  • Bring sun screen and a hat. If it’s sunny on Saturday (let’s pray), temperature will likely be in the upper 70s to lower 80s. The track is completely exposed and there is no cover so, if you haven’t seen much sun this year, we don’t want you to end up at the medical tent.
  • Bring some cash to cover meals, beverage, and any souvenirs you may want. It’s tough to spend more than $50 (not including fuel) but I’m sure, if there’s a way, this crowd will figure it out.
  • Bring a camera, an extra chip, whatever. You’ll take tons of shots so be prepared.  If you fall short for some reason, the track side store has replacement batteries, throw-away cameras, that sort of thing.
  • If you’re going to drive with the top down, bring a jacket. The last few years, the night time temperatures have dropped into the 50s which can make driving in an open car a bit on the cool side. My first year, it went into the 40s and I ended up stopping to put the top up it. Brrrr.

That’s all I have. If you have any questions, just post your comment here (I’m sure someone else will have the same question at some point) and I’ll do my best to answer it. See everyone at Mom’s!