The Drivers

Lee Accavallo—I’ve known Lee for only a few years but in that short time, we’ve become good friends. Lee’s proud possession is his Corvette Z06 and, while not British, at least a Brit was one of the leads on the design team. So, in some small part, it has some Anglo heritage.

Here are few shots of lee and Z06 at Watkins Glenn. Zoom!

Not the greatest shot…

Bill Meub—Local attorney and possessor of a 1955 MGTF. Bill purchased the car a few years ago from a fellow down on the eastern shore of Maryland and has been tweaking it ever since. Besides the usual maintenance and upkeep stuff—brakes, tune-up, clean and polish—the TF just recently received a differential transplant that has substantially improved its drivability.

Lee’s ’60 MGA

Lee Romano—Publisher of Stratton Magazine, Lee’s summertime ride is a ’57(?) MGA. In true sports car tradition, the “A” is painted red and just recently was blessed with completely rebuilt steering which has restored that authentic sports car feel to the venerable piece of British iron.

Dick Trono—Head of Occupational Health at Rutland Regional Medical Center, sadly Dick is British car-less. Even though he lacks some adequacy in the car department, there’s good news! He tools around in a really swell Ducati. Red, of course.

George’s ’91 Lotus Elite

George Ohlweiler—Friend to Lee Romano and all around car fanatic (Lotus, Min, BMW), George is very involved in the sports car scene with affilliations with Long Trail Garage n Dorset and Rutland Motorcars. Look for George to be driving a ’91 Lotus Esprit.

Rick Neville aka “Healey Rick”—Rick and “met” through a mutual friend, Pat McMahon who, in addition to his regular job, builds and races cars out of his New Hampshire garage. For this year’s Lime Rock event, Rick will be piloting his vintage “bugeye” Sprite. Rick is also in the finishing stretches of converting a Healey 3000 to Ford V8 power. He’s had a few teething problems with the “Nasty Boy” but looks to have it reliably on the road soon.