Countdown – Lime Rock 2012 British Iron Tour

Greetings all! Only 33 more days ’til our Big Adventure (now dubbed the 2012 British Iron Tour)! Remember, Sir Stirling Moss is this year’s honored guest. This is a once in a lifetime chance (twice in a lifetime for Rick) to meet  one of racing’s living legends and see some of his winning GP rides.

Here they are…

I have everyone’s tickets on hand and have just posted the itinerary including a route map and some handy tips on having a successful day at the track. So far, three people have paid up, the rest of you jokers are still owing. You can either send the the $30 ($60 if you’re bringing a navigator) to me in the next few weeks or have your cash ready when we meet up at Mom’s for breakfast.

In other news:

  • Bill’s MGTF has new brakes! Which, when you’re planning to stop, is an awesome thing.
  • Lee’s R’s MGA has some new steering parts which, I understand, make it handle like the sports car it was intended to be. I’m sure he’ll get the opportunity to wring it out a bit on the road to Lime Rock.
  • Sadly, it doesn’t look my ‘B’east will be in running order in time for Lime Rock although, it may be on its own four wheels for the first time in 3+ years and may (possibly) have paint.
  • Rick is still sorting out his ‘Nasty Boy”, Ford powered Healey 3000 but looks like he may have everything in order in time for the great event.
  • New participant – Lee R. has invited a local friend (garage owner) who may be bringing a Lotus along. Sorry I didn’t get more information than that but maybe Lee will be good enough to post a comment here and give us the scoop. Personally, I think this is just a ploy so he can have a riding mechanic along.

I think that’s it for now. If you have any questions, please be good enough to sign in (or register and then sign in) so everyone else can read them. See you at Mom’s!




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