Lime Rock 2007

2007 was the first year I started going to the historic races at Lime Rock. The group that inaugural year included myself in the Cobra, Dick Trono on his Ducati, Steve Schindler on his Harley, and Joe Baronne (neighbor) in his then new Pontiac Solstice. While there were many memorable moments the two that really stand out are following former factory Cobra driver Mike Stott down Route 7 outside of Bennington and Joe’s parking lot adventure. The cars can speak for themselves.

The Driving Lesson – After finishing a fine breakfast at Mom’s in Wallingford, our little motorcade is cruising down Rte. 7 into Bennington when I pull up behind a very nicely turned out Jaguar XKE sporting Vermont plates and largish driver (head at the level of the windscreen). As we leave town heading south to Pittsfield, MA the guy in the Jag mashes the gas and I do the same, doing my best to match his speed and keep up, but he finally leaves me in his mirror. Whoever is driving clearly knows what he’s doing and his lines through the corners are simply impeccable. He also has absolutely no regard for speed limits and, judging from the condition of the Jag, probably has the financial where with all to pay whatever fines he garners. Once into Pittsfield, I have stop for fuel and the Jag has pulled in just ahead of me. While we’re gassing up, the Jag driver comes over and makes some small talk about my Cobra then drops his name, Mike Stott, and that he’s racing a Cobra this weekend at the Rock. Well, you could have pushed me over with a feather. Mike was one Shelby’s original team drivers. He invited us all to hang out at the team hauler and meet the group from the vintage race team he hangs with. A great experience all the way ’round.

The Parking Lot – One of the cooler things about the Lime Rock experience isn’t just the racing and the cars in the paddock but the hundreds of really amazing cars that people drive to the race. You can spend hours just crawling through the parking lots admiring the iron which is generally broken out into sections – Lotuses over here, Corvettes, over there and so on. Really cool cars are given special parking places up along the entrance road and you can see all manner of exotica. After presenting our tickets our caravan motored across the tunnel bridge and, as we approached the parking area, the traffic director motioned me to park in the front row (Wow!). Joe was right behind me in the Solstice and started to follow but the attendant stopped him and point him toward the “south forty” and the general parking area. I don’t think he’s ever gotten over it.

Anyway, without further delay, here are a few of the hundred or so shots I took that year. Enjoy.