Parts Suppliers

This is a partial list of the many suppliers who not only provided parts but also plenty of advice and encouragement along the way. In addition to the following, I used many more providers of everything from my dry sump filters to the knock of spinners, just too many companies to do justice to in these short pages. A partial list is provided at the end of the linked companies. I tried to do business with people I trusted to provide good service, fair prices, and timely delivery. I didn’t always get it right with one company or another every time but that’s what’s called ‘learning’.

You’ll acquire your own group of valued suppliers but following is my core group, without whom, this simply would not have been possible…or, at least, would have been way more difficult.

Brit-Tek – My source for all things MGB related. I use Bob partly because he’s the closet British parts supplier for me (near Louden, New Hampshire) and partly because he’s always willing to share his knowledge. He also seems to always have or can get, anything I need. Prices are fair, delivery is superb.

Classic Conversions – Bill Guzman supplied the motor mounts as well as a solid advice and support. He also has some other great V8 conversion parts and kits that weren’t around when I started my project. Timing is everything. His new front suspension kit is to die for.

Crow Enterprizes – Seat belts. If they don’t have what you want, they’ll be happy to make it. Everything is sanctioning body approved.

Eastwood Company – Another one of those suppliers that I don’t think you can build a car without. All kinds of specialty coatings and paints, corrosion bags, paint supplies, tools, , and more.

Europa Spares – UK supplier of “odds and sods” as the Brits would say. Even with the exchange rate they’re still the best deal around for the hard to find, authentic part…especially all things Lucas.

HRP World – Good supplier for dry-sump odds and ends as well as race decals, fire extinguisher, and other sundry racing items. Good blend of competitive prices and quality parts. Their technical support is also top notch.

Jones Racing – Dry sump gears, power steering pump and reservoir, and tons of great advice. Awesome outfit.

McMaster-Carr – I don’t know how you could build anything without this outfit. Nuts, bolts, fasteners of every kind, boot seal (neither of the Moss parts fit correctly), threaded rod, various metal shapes/sizes, specialty tools, fuel hose, and bearings to name a few things they supplied me with. Their delivery is absolutely blindingly fast.

Moser Engineering – Rear axles, housings, bearings. I can;t say enough about these guys. I called them so often double and triple checking myself  on the axle lengths, I was practically on a first name basis with every tech they have. Just and awesome company to work with, great products.

Mustangs Plus – There are a bunch of Mustang parts suppliers out there but I found these guys to have most of what I needed at good prices. Shipping is also excellent—fair price and timely delivery. Valve covers (steel), original style water pump and crank pulleys, 65-57 302 conversion radiator, fan shroud, and other Pony specific parts.

PitStop USA – The return line oil cooler, front brake ducts, duct hose, furl pressure gauge, fuel pump, and various other fuel system bits and pieces. Easy web site to navigate, great selection of parts, so-so on timely delivery but good prices if you catch something on sale.

Preform Resources – Body kit. Dave Craddock makes some very, very nice parts. If I’d have bought my wings a bit later, I could have benefited from the rear wheel wells he now includes with his kits.

Speedway Motors – Some of the AN plumbing fittings for the dry sump system were better deals at Speedway. I also sourced my steering column and quick release there as well as some of the front brake parts, radiator overflow.

Summit Racing – Mostly fittings (their house brand is particularly competitive in this category) for the dry sump system but I’ve also found their prices on parts like the Ford Racing short-nosed water pump kit to be pretty decent. With Summit, I balanced availability and price to get the best deals. Rear brake kit came from here as did the instruments, H4 headlights, dry sump drive mandrel, and some other bits.

Victoria British – I know most folks seem to be down on this outfit but I’ve always had good experiences. I tend to buy parts I’m familiar with from them and stay away from the pieces I know are just cheap junk. It’s hard to beat their prices on the simple British sundry items need to build a car.

There were more companies who contributed—Rhode Island Wiring (all things wiring), Pegasus Auto Racing (racing supplies), HD Rogers (British parts), HiPo Parts Garage (high performance small block Ford parts), Livermore Performance (Ford performance parts), Pony carburetors (sadly out of business these days), Peterson Fluid Systems (dry sump parts, filters), Raceline Digital (race graphics and decals), Ron Morris Performance (Ford electronic parts, switches), Aviaid (dry sump oil pans, parts), Breeze Automotive (engine brackets), Hanlon Motorsports (T-5 parts), JMC Motorsports (Ford go-fast parts), and a ton of other folks—it takes more than a ‘village’ to build a car.