Lee’s Z06, My Z-28 Added to Cars, Other News

Greetings all! New material has been added. Check out the short feature on Lee’s Z06, I’ve added more images to the Cobra Journal, there’s a new profile on one of my past rides in Cars and a few other tidbits here and there.

Other News:

Welcome Bruce Bodemer! Bruce is Bill Meub’s neighbor and fellow MG T series owner who’s in the process of restoring his bit of British iron. Hopefully, once Bruce gets a chance to check out the “Garage” he’ll shoot some images of the restoration (resurrection) so I can post them up. Bruce will be riding shotgun for Bill on the trip down to Lime Rock.

Bill’s ‘T’ Gets a New Rear—Careful there. Bill’s little TF is a mighty nice ride but its gearing is better suited for the English country roads it was intended for than for today’s roads and speeds. After toying with the idea of changing out the 4-speed gearbox for one of the available 5-speed conversions, I ran across information for a fellow named Dave Clark who had a business converting ‘T’ differentials using MGB ring and pinions. Same problem, different solution but it turned the swap from a couple of weekend’s work into a one day affair. Simply unbolt the old rear, install the new axles and seals in the furnished housing and reassemble the whole affair. Hopefully Bill will comment here, but the first reports are that the venerable ‘T’ drives like a new car.

As an added plug for Dave Clark, he made the whole deal very, very easy. The new rear end comes in its own crate and includes new axles, seals, bearing retainers, and everything else you need except the gear oil. The purchase is on an exchange basis so, when you’re done installing the new differential you simply load the old one, axles, retainer plates, and the like back in the crate, fasten everything down using the original screws and bolts, and ship the whole thing back to Arizona for the next guy. Pretty sweet!

Lime Rock Tickets—Tickets are “in the house”.

Web Site Changes—Replaced the old login with something more streamlined, activate FaceBook “Like” button, turned on the comments feature for all pages and posts (previously some were closed), and added some new material. I have a new FaceBook plug-in coming that will let you sign in w/FB and also post discussion to both the site and FB at the same time. Other refinements coming soon.