Lack of Progress Report

Wherein I own up to not getting the ‘B’east started as I hoped and the nature of the continuing delays in trying to doing so.

Well, things didn’t go exactly as planned (could be a description of this project from Day 1). When the weather started to turn colder and the garage heater couldn’t keep up with the temperatures, I decided to forego bolting up the new cross-member in favor of concentrating on getting the car started. I filled the transmission, the radiator, power steering pump and oil reservoir with the proper fluids then spun up the oil pump to prime the system and checked everything for leaks. Other than a P/S fitting at the rack that I plain forgot to tighten, everything was tight and the oil pump showed 60 lbs. of pressure. I was feeling pretty good.

Turned the key, hit the starter button and…nothing. Started to back track the wiring and found I had wired the mini starter incorrectly for my application. An easy fix, accomplished in about 15 minutes. Turned the key, hit the starter button and… it cranked but there was no joy. Turned the key on and listened for the fuel pump. Ah ha! Nothing. So I started to trace out the fuel pump wiring and found I had wired the inertia switch incorrectly. This was an easy, but not fast, fix as the pump is on the inside of the right rear wheel. An hour later, all was right.

Turned the key, listened for the tell tale click of the pump and…nothing. By now I’m getting pretty frustrated so I stepped away from the car for a few days. Bad idea. The weather really turned to crap and made it impossible to go out and work in the garage so I busied myself by going back through my wiring diagrams and, in doing so, learned a basic truth of these kind of builds – always (and I mean always) finish things you start. The notes I had so carefully written three years ago when I ran all of the wires and that seemed so clear at the time, were now just so much gibberish. I resolved to go back out and start running down every circuit, one at a time, and confirm that all were correctly wired.

About at circuit 10 out 15 or so, I found that I didn’t have any power to anything on the switched side of the fuse block, hence why the fuel pump wouldn’t fire. And that’s where we stand at the moment. Since my last post, there’s been a Christmas holiday and we’re currently “enjoying’ temperatures that are at or below zero along with a couple feet of new snow. I’ve become a dedicated viewer of AccuWeather, constantly scanning for warmer temperatures in hope of scheduling some time in the garage to finish things up.

The worst case scenario is that I won’t be up and running until spring. At that point, I will still need to shake out the suspension and the other bits but at least I should be on the road. Pray for me…I think I’m may need help of the otherworldly kind.



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