Headers Are In, Top End Back Together

Back together again

Back together again

What an adventure installing the headers turned out to be. It wasn’t enough that I tried at least four other types and configurations before I succumbed to purchasing Pete Mantell’s through-the-fender headers but I got to re-reroute my front brake lines (exiting too close to the header extension), swap the front shocks so they are ahead of and not behind the axles (were interfering with getting the headers through the new fender openings), and a number of other unintended modifications. It’s all for the better though…which is easy to say now that I’m done with it.

Brake Lines
Turns out I had the front brake tabs and lines exiting just about in the middle of the header down pipe. Thankfully, there was enough brake pipe that I could re-bend the existing lines and then pass them through the fender well ahead of the header. I’m going to cover both the hard and flex lines with some Longacre heat insulation for a bit of insurance. While the solution turned out just fine, what a PIA getting to remove both front lines, recalculating the bends and runs then re-installing everything. Rant over…

Front Shocks
I’m temporarily running a set of GAZ adjustable tube shocks, until I finish development of my coil over set-up over the winter. While the headers cleared the top mounting arm (barely), they made it difficult to get the headers in and out—something I did a number of times—so moving them needed to be done. Other than the hassle of getting to the back bolts on the now, non-functional, lever shock this was a straightforward swap. Only adjustment that needed to be made was to trim off a bit of the lower mount to clear the reenforcing plate for the sway bar mount and drill a new hole for the second bolt. Everything clears the sway bar..but just barely. Still, it’s enough to get me on the road.


Left side header


Right side header

Header Installation
Hardest part of this was getting the keepers on the Stage 8 header fasteners. Both headers went through the fenderwell openings exactly as they were supposed to and bolted right up to the cylinder heads. I’m using a set of Percy’s copper gaskets to keep the leakage possibilities to a minimum. Sure was nice to re-install the valve covers and reconnect the plug wires. While I had the covers off, I went ahead and checked the cylinder head torque as well as the valve lash..both were fine.

Mid-pipes and resonators

Mid-pipes and resonators

The Rest of the Exhaust
All of the pipes have been fit and welded. Just waiting on my SpinTechs to show up so I can button up the rest of the exhaust. The flat pieces just past the mid pipes are clearance tubes so I can keep the exhaust tight to the body where it passes over the rear cross member. Tips have resonators in them. Given the short run of the pipes, I thought it would help keep the decibels down by adding the resonators.

PS-valve-plumbingP/S and Oil Plumbing
No pics of the rerouted oil lines but here’s one of the cleaned up Heidt’s valve plumbing. Turns out the flow direction is not material to the hook up—only the port selection. So I was able to route the lines directly into the ports rather than looping them around as I had before. The high pressure line was a real bear to get the ends on properly but after the first hose end I figured out how to get them on fairly easily. There’s a small amount of line clean up yet to do (securing them on the longer runs) but all of the hooks are complete so all that’s left is to add fluid.

That’s it for this installment. Not too much left before I can attempt the first start…which is sure to be magic moment after nearly 5 years of buidng.




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