Lime Rock 2012

What a blast! I’m long over due on recapping the 2012 event but hope this dim recollection serves the purpose.

First we had a simply fabulous group that went down this year and some wonderful cars to boot. There was bit of drama when it turned out that Lee Romano’s MGA failed to “make the grid” due to some mechanical issues that simply couldn’t be solved in time. Lee was so disappointed that he couldn’t drive the “A” that he considered not going but was talked out of his decision…albeit at the (not quite) 11th hour. Whew! That was close.

Lee R’s friend George Ohlemier joined us with his Lotus Europa and it was terrific addition to tour traveling group. As it turns out, George’s father was one of the original partners in the Lime Rock track. To make everything work so we had enough seats for everyone, Lee Accavallo was kind enough to give up driving his Z06 down and opted for the Subaru chase car instead. It took endless grief for driving the Subie but was a good sport about it.

One of the highlights for me was riding shotgun in Rick Neville’s bug eye Sprite…especially his “super secret” shortcut into the track that took past a number of the more notable establishments enjoyed by some of the early greats in sports car racing. The back route is definitely gong to be added to the 2013 version.

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking but, suffice to say, there were some great cars and good times.