Front suspension progress

4/29—After a couple of days lending on hand on other projects, I found time this afternoon to start the front suspension installation. Good progress was made having completed rebuilding the two kingpin assemblies (spindles), assembling the ’65 ford hubs, installing the upper and lower shock mount plates, modifying and bolting on the brake ducts, then getting the whole

Allstar brake duct installed

business assembled to the cross member—both sides. I still have the upper control arms to complete (double adjustable), but solid progress, I think.

Here’s the modified brake duct assembled to the kingpin assembly. This is the driver’s side (ignore the writing on the duct). I need to swap the ducts from left to right so they would fit correctly. other than that…went together like “butta'”.

Next up was installing the spindles to the lower control arms which took a bit of creativity as the new bushes were quite a bit wider than the space between the lower arms. I ended up loosening all of the bolts that hold the arms to the spring pans then wedging a screw driver in between them to open up the distance so I could squeeze in the lower mount. Once I slid the bolt through, I re-tightened everything and it fit just fine.

Spindle installed

Complete front suspension

Then I installed the upper shock mount and the new GAZ 33-way adjustable (no kidding) tube shocks. Because the front suspension has been lowered 2″, I need to make and install a 2″ spacer between the mount plate and the perch on the x-member to correctly locate the top shock mount and prevent any bottoming out. The spacer will also serve as the mounting platform for the adjustable upper a-arms. Starting to look like a front end (finally).

Last, I slid the ’65 Ford Mustang hub on and bolted up rotor to check my clearance on the duct. I’ll need to

Brake rotor test fit

trim the inside edge of the duct just a bit to clearance the rotor but otherwise it fits just right. And, yes, I’m aware that have the wrong rotor hanging there and, yes, I’m aware the spindle nut isn’t tightened down. Remember, this is just the test fit so everything will have to come back apart for the final assembly. If I still have the wrong rotor on the wrong side and haven’t yet tightened down the spindles and inserted the cotter keys then, feel free to speak up.

I’m going to start fabricating the upper a-arms this week. All of the parts (except for the Heim ends) are here so I’ll make a pattern for the shock spacer/a-arm mount and drop it off at the machine shop so it can be done when I get back from my nephew’s 1st communion this coming weekend.

All-in-all, I’m happy with the progress. it actually feels like I’m getting somewhere…even if it’s just the garage (for now).