MGB V8 Exhaust System Is Finally Done

Left side exhaust exit

Left side exhaust exit

After several experiments with different headers (chronicled elsewhere here), then ordering the incorrect mufflers, I finally managed to complete both sides of the exhaust system. For the most part, the final assembly was straightforward with the expected amount of cajoling to get everything to line up the way it should. Everything went together as planned (one of the few times in the five years of this build I can say that) and the system lined up and looked just as it should.

Here are a few details:

  • Pipe is 2 1/2″ (I went with the aluminized stuff—there just isn’t enough pipe to justify stainless),
  • mufflers are SpinTech Cruiser Series (offset inlet, center out),
  • tips are Heddman stainless w/resonators,
  • clearance tubes were from Dr. Gas,
  • and the hangers are from Pypes (for Mustang).

Not much to it from a fabrication point-of-view. Hardest part was modifying the headers to get them to clear my Omni rear steer.



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