Dry Sump Plumbing Complete, New Steering X-member

Suduko got nothing on building this rig!

Inside frame rail mounting

Inside frame rail mounting

After installing the original Omni rack member, then the headers, it became clear that the clearances I had in mind had not translated to the car (what’ up with that anyway), necessitating a second version – 2.0 – of the X-member. Besides being awful close to the header exits, the biggest problem with Version 1.0 was interference with my oil return cooler (dry sump motor). I also wasn’t thrilled with how low it hung – about an inch below the already low exhaust.

The new version mounts inside the frame rails instead of outside and sits flush with the suspension cross piece. I was able to maintain the steering geometry from the first rack by relocating the mounting points and needed to cut a relief into the right side to clear the starter. Other than that, hardly a difference.

Last of the oil lines

Last of the oil lines

Here’s the completed plumbing for the dry sump. Looks like a bundle of snakes. Before someone jumps on me, yes, everything clears the wheel and tire through the full steering range. It just looks close in the picture. Have to say, I prefer the longer line runs to the shorter ones. Braided AN line doesn’t have all that much flex in it and in the shorter lengths, you really need to damn close on the run length to make the connections work. Because this is my first dry-sump system I found it easier to remember where all of the lines went by writing next to each fitting. Even then, I second and third guessed myself, going back to the diagram time and again to make sure I had everything plumbed correctly as the penalty for an error could be catastrophic engine failure.

So, the big question is, “Does it work?” Dunno. Filled the oil tank an primed the system. My mechanical gauge read 60 pounds of pressure so it clearly charged up. The P/S steering system is filled (but not purged), there are fluids in the transmission, rear end, and radiator. Just the last of the electrical to hook up and check out before, I hope, the first start. Presently scheduled for Veteran’s Day as a remembrance of my past service.

You probably had to be there to appreciate the symmetry.

Pictures are: original steering X-member, new member, bundle o’snakes.



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