Drum Roll Please…We Have Suspension!

And here are the shots to prove it. I’ve put off the adjustable upper a-arms for a winter project in the interest of getting the ‘B’east in running order. That meant gutting a pair of the old lever action shocks, cleaning them up, painting them, and then installing

Right front

them so I could attach the upper trunion—that’s Brit-speak for the upper spindle mounting point. Hubs fit perfectly (using ’65 Mustang grease seals) as did the brake rotors. I’m going to have to wait on the final fit up of the calipers until the wheel spacers arrive. Even with my wheel off-sets, the additional 9″ of body width make the use of spacers a necessity.

I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to see the wheels actually bolted up. I am sooooo…tempted to drop the front end off the jack stands to see how it sits but there’s way more to do so I figure to wait at least until I install the spacers and get the front calipers fully mounted. Still, it’s a big day.

Mini cowl induction

In my last post I alluded to a ‘bonnet surprise’ and here it is. As it turns out, after moving the motor back as far as I did, I can’t get it to sit any lower in the frame rails (they get narrower as you go to the rear of the car). That, combined with the height of my classic Weiand Stealth intake made it impossible for the bonnet (hood for all you American types) to close correctly. While I was loathe to cut into my MGC bonnet, I was even less excited by the options that were available so out came the cutting wheel. What I ended up with is a sort of “mini” cowl induction look. I think once it’s all glassed in it will be subtle enough that it shouldn’t detract. In any case, it’s too late now. I’m committed.

Bonnet “improvement”

Here’s another shot of the bonnet from the driver’s side. Basically, I cut it right along the body line where raise part met the flat part (does that make sense?) then cut it parallel to the rear of the bonnet following the curve along the cowl. The idea was to use the existing body lines to minimize the appearance. We’ll all get to see if that idea pans out once I get the fiberglass out and start the filling in. Comments are welcome so if you have any thoughts on it, post them here.

Also “in the house” is my new fancy, dancey aluminum radiator. Same physical size as the one I have in there for fit up purposes but this one is a three row job that should keep everything at the right temperature. The plan is to get it installed this week and then button up the font end for, what I hope to be, the last time. And, I think, that’s the big news. Each step, each assembly should be the last time and that means there could be light at the end of the tunnel (and it isn’t an oncoming train).

Rear suspension is next on my ‘big’ project list, with the installation of the remaining fuel system components—filter, pump, and lines—something I plan to tackle during the week. Really it’s less about the suspension (which is mostly already in) than it is getting the differential finished and in the car. Once that’s done, it’s off the jack stands. There is still a ton of work to do but with each step, I get a little closer.



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