New Bonnet and Aluminum Radiator

…to this

It’s fair to say that the hood (bonnet) project took me quite a bit more time than I imagined. Been a long time coming but I finally “got ‘er done”. The whole thing was easy in concept but the execution proved to be more  challenging that a simple “cut and glass”. You can read all about it under in The Shop, Just a boy and his hood.

The radiator project went more smoothly in part, at least, because I’ve had the old cooler in an out multiple times (you reading this Rick?) so I’m a self-professed expert at removal and replacement.

All bright and shiny

I hadn’t intended to replace the existing copper and brass unit but the aluminum version practically fell into my lap so I figured, “Why not?” Plus, it’s a three-row instead of a two-row so I’m hoping it adds some cooling power. Otherwise, it was a direct replacement for the one I removed. While I had it out, I changed the fan mount to provide a teensy bit more clearance between the fan motor and the drive mandrel hanging off the front of the crank. Wasn’t a ton more, but I gained about another 1/2″…just for some insurance.

I still need to fabricate the lower hose assembly but that’s going to have to wait until the final installation of the steering rack. No sense figuring out the hose routing only to possibly get to undo it later.

Now that the bonnet is done and back on the car, I’m going to finish up the passenger side fender. That will complete the basic body work. Everything else, including final panel alignment and any body work fine-tuning, will be done during the paint cycle.




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