Big Day In the Garage—Steering Complete

Omni rack installed

Omni rack installed

Steering shaft installed

Steering shaft installed

After taking care of all of the Sunday necessaries—breakfast, walking the dog, going to church—I spent the entire day in the garage finally making some real progress for the first time in weeks.

  • Steering rack is in, steering shaft is in. I still have the plumbing to take care of but the adapters are all installed (steering box, Heidt’s valve, P/S pump) so it should be just a matter of cutting, assembling, and installing the AN hoses.
  • Both brake spindle ducts are in and do not interfere with either the sway bar or wheel.
  • Installed the tabs for the front brake lines (which I hope to bend and install this week)
  • Finished installing the weatherstrips on the fender well splash panels.
  • Reinstalled the splitter after removing the adjusters and reinstalling them with backer plates underneath.
  • Radiussed the front wheel wells to provide a cleaner look and better tire clearance.
Wheel well before/after

Wheel well before/after

Bolted the front wheels back on and dropped it to the ground for the first time in months. What a great feeling.

Left to do (it’s a short list):
  • Install the new headers (on the way from Pete Mantell). These are going to be through-the fender well style. After trying several different exhaust manifolds, it just wasn’t going to work with the exhaust running inside the engine bay. Hoping to install them this coming weekend and begin laying out the rest of the exhaust.
  • Finish plumbing the P/S
  • Finish plumbing the oil system from the passenger footwell to the oil filter.
  • Plug in the wiring and check it all out
Splitter back in place

Splitter back in place

Getting very, very close. Still won’t be ready to for Lime Rock at the end of the month but it’s a bunch closer than I was last year at the same time. Really looks fabulous to see the ‘B’east on the ground again. I had forgotten how low it is. Even took a few minutes to wipe it down.

A simply great day in the Garage!



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