Datsun 510 (race car)

Not my car, but very close…

The example I’m showing here is as close as I could find to my old sedan racer. The paint scheme was almost identical (a number of 510 sedan racers used something very similar back in the day). Biggest difference was the wheels and tires. I could never afford anything as fancy as the ones on the car pictured. Otherwise, it’s pretty faithful to my short-lived sedan. Read on.

If you’ve read about any of the other cars, you’ll notice at least one consistency in them all…I’m a sucker for a”deal”. And that’s how happened upon the humble 510. The PO (previous owner) had already begun turning it into a sedan racer, one of the classes of racing in the late 70s that didn’t require much money to go play in but was still very competitive at the same time. Like a lot of race car projects, he stalled in mid-stream and decided to cut his losses. Enter me.

He had actually done a pretty decent job on what he did. I wouldn’t call any of it real race quality stuff but it was clean and safely done. The 510 already had a roll bar in it (full cages weren’t required at the time), the bodywork had been done (but no paint), and the suspension had been set up. The motor was still rock stock and it was still rolling on its original tires and rubber. Considering I spent less than $1000 on the whole deal (including a trailer load of spares), it was a good deal. Best part of it was, I never raced it. Shortly after painting it (in my garage none the less), finishing the motor, and locating some used race wheels and rubber, I sold it for more than twice what I bought it for…making it the first and only race car I have ever (and probably ever will) made money on.

Best to stop while you’re ahead.