’76 Peugeot 504 Diesel Wagon

1978Peugeot504wagonI know, I know. After first admitting to owning (willingly) a Renault R-17, now this. What can I say? It was cheap and available when I bought it with just shy of 200,000 miles on it…and, at the time, those were my two primary considerations in my motoring preferences. Plus, I will admit to being somewhat beguiled with the sheer weirdness of the thing which, after driving it in every kind of condition imaginable, turned to admiration for the Peugeot’s simple ruggedness. I can see now why they were often used as safari cars in Africa. You could take the damn thing almost anywhere.

peugeot-540-interiorThis was my first (and only) diesel powered machine. These were in the days before the fancy, dancey electronically controlled versions they had today so you need to turn the key on and let the glow plugs do their thing before you could (or should) start it. Then there were the backwards stalk controls with everything reversed from where you thought it should be. To me, it all just added to the Peugeot’s quirky charm. Lastly, there was the wood floor in the back. Who does that? The French, apparently.

Peugeot-504-Wagon-DieselIn any case, I drove the 504 for another 50,000 plus miles in winter and summer (no AC by the way), on roads paved and not paved before finally selling it…for more than I bought it for. Not many cars I can say that about so the Peugeot has a place of dubious honor in the pantheon of past rides.

Okay, you can all laugh now…