’72 MGB

Paula’s MGB

To be perfectly up front…this wasn’t my car. It was Paula’s.

That said, it bears a very important part in my automotive history because, without it, there would be no Paula ergo, no Ethan or Anna (children). The one at the left is almost dead on the original ’72 ‘B’. Same awful mustard yellow color, wire wheels, the works. And, while my name was never on the title (we weren’t married quite yet), I spent quite a bit of time maintaining it so I had, at least, a sense of ownership in it.

At the time I (we) was living in Phoenix and, as it is politely said in my trade, I was freelancing – really a euphemism for being unemployed – and was filling my time working in friends sports car and antique restoration shop.

The story goes that one evening Paula was driving the MGB with her mom in the right seat with the weather threatening and pulled over to erect the top. A thoughtful passer by stopped to see if he could help (pretty girl + broken down car = opportunity) and, though he might have been discouraged by the sight of mom riding shotgun, was quick enough to mention that she might want to get a new ‘hood’ (hers being in rather tatty shape) and if she did, she should take to to the shop I was working at. You know, I never met the guy, but truly owe him the last 35 years of my life. I wonder if he ever knew what he helped put together. Ever considerate, he also provided some helpful tips for getting the best deal possible which, because my children may read this, I will politely leave out.

The mighty mill

Well, she followed up on the gentleman’s advice and brought the MGB by the shop to get an estimate on installing a top she had bought (and old AMCO). After getting to hear about it not being the best quality roof she could get (I was nothing if not utterly tactless) we agreed on a price to put it on. There was just something about her (there still is) so when she came to pick the ‘B’ up, I asked her out. That was 34 years ago and, other than a few days here and there, we haven’t been apart since. Go figure.

I really owe it all to the MGB. And then some…