’70 Nova SS

“Found it a barn.”

The spittin’ image of my Nova

“Some farmer had it out in his field.”

“Found it in this guy’s garage all covered with stuff.”

You name the phrase, we’ve all heard them, including “It was only driven by this old lady.”

And, in this case, that last one is absolutely true. This little beast belonged to the mother of a friend of mine (Terry) who had quit driving due to her age and parked the Nova out in her back yard, where it had been sitting for a while. Apparently the car was well known and many had offered her quite princely sums to take it off her hands but she wasn’t in a selling mood so the Nova just sat there. Terry had suggested I go look at it and he would put in a good word for me with “mom”.

Maybe it was just time, or the stars were aligned just right, or she was just waiting on the right person (and I was it) but Terry’s mom consented to sell me the SS for $600. It had 34,000 miles on it and was exactly as it came from the factory. Which meant no air, no power steering, “steelies” with the small Nova hubcaps that you could probably sell for a small fortune today, floor shift, even those awful plastic seat covers that folks were so enamored of back in the 70s. It was as unadorned as it could be. And, in its “Brewster” green livery, it was as nondescript as you could imagine…until you started it up and drove it.

I don’t remember why or when I sold it but it has to rank as one of the all-time stupidest things I ever done regarding cars. Maybe that’s how the brain protects us from things that hurt. It blocks them out.

It was absolutely perfect…and rare. If sold today, the Nova would easily pay for a college education with some spending money left over.