Past Loves

If you’re like me, you’ve owned some cars in your day. In this section I’ve tried to capture some of the more important vehicles in my life, Some of them were significant for their performance, some for their heritage, and more than a few because they were just plain weird. But why ever I owned them, the are all are part of my automotive education and with each I learned something new. Not a bad way to go, I think.

I’ve left out a few here and there. We’ve all owned one or two cars we’d rather not admit to and, because this is my site and I can do what I damn well please, I’ve elected to not include them. Other than that, this is a pretty complete list of the vehicles I will admit to having owned.

In most cases, the shots presented here have been culled from the Internet as pictures of my original rides have been long lost. Remarkably, I was able to find images that either were dead on for the model I owned or were so close it took little to point out any differences. I know I’ve probably forgotten a few but maybe something will jog my memory. If that happens, and the memory is worthy of recollection, you can read about it here.