‘B’east Project on Hiatus

It’s been a while since I’ve reported any progress on finally firing up the MG. And, for good reason. Or, at least I think it’s a good reason.

For the past five years of my build, I’ve basically put all of the household maintenance projects on hold. That situation came to a crashing end about two months with a freak hailstorm (not just one, but two) that really tore up my property. Thankfully no one was hurt but it left the gourds a mess and accelerated the need to put the deck maintenance, which I had skipped for the past five years, on the front burner. In addition to wrecking the garden and leaving my beloved Subie Forester so dimpled it looked like a golf ball, the hail came down with such force that it stripped the paint off just about every horizontal surface on all of my deck railings as well as breaking every post lamp I had.

Bottom line is, until I can get the property put back together, the ‘B’east is going to have to wait. I’ve cleaned up most of the carnage on the grounds and am about half way through repairing the damaged deck railings and refinishing everything. With any luck, between the weather and my regular work schedule, I hope to be back working on the ‘B” before the end of this month.

The next time I report in on my project I hope to be attaching video of the first start. Stay tuned…