52 MG TD Continues To Come Together

The completed rear end

The completed rear end

In between work and trying to the ‘B’east completed, progress continues to be made on Bruce’s ’52 MG TD. This week’s accomplishments include, rebuilding both the front and rear suspensions, installing the spare carrier and fuel tank straps, installing the rear apron and bumper, then topping it off with the spare tire and wheel.

The suspension rebuild turned out to be surprisingly difficult, principally owing to the components not having been apart in some 60 years. The front shocks were sent out to Apple Hydraulics for a rebuild but we left the rears untouched as they seemed to working just fine. The castle nuts on both front and rear suspensions took a great deal of persuasion to break loose but, once done, the front suspension (at least) came apart and went back together with relative ease. The rear components were another story altogether.

Right side

Right side


Left side

If I had it to over again, I would have rebuilt the rear suspension before I installed the rear fenders – it would have given me much more room to operate in and there would have been less chance to nick up the new paint work (which I did). Hind sight, as it’s said, is 20/20. As if getting the rear link pins and plates off weren’t trouble enough, getting everything back together turned into an exercise in both patience and brute force. The principal culprits in the reassembly difficulty were the small shoulders on the pins which simply refused to slide through the far bushings. Ultimately, I found just the right combination of lubricant and force to get the deed done but not without the cost of a couple of solid hammer blows to either thumb.

The suspension rebuild is the last of the major mechanical work to be done. Everything else from here on out is mostly bolting things back on and tidying up some of the loose ends (a bit of wiring here and there, the cubby door, rebuild the wiper motor, that sort of thing) so there is, indeed, light to be seen at the end of the restoration tunnel.

Next up for significant work will be to bolt up the front fenders, running boards, and bonnet.




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