2013 – British Iron Tour d’Lime Rock

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Spring has finally arrived, our special cars are coming out of hibernation. Must mean it’s time to start planning our annual pilgramage to Lime Rock for the annual Labor Day historic races.

In addition to the simple joy of spending a great day with friends doing those traditional guy things we all love to do—driving great cars, looking at great cars, drinking cold beer—this year’s event has some additional excitement with the addition of a “Gentleman’s Rally”.

Gentleman’s Rally
It’s simple. Each driver and navigator will try and predict their travel time from our traditional departure point at Mom’s Diner in Wallingford to the ticket gate at the track. There will be several check points along the way where you will be assessed bonus points for being closest to your time or penalty points for being over. Right now I’m planning one mandatory stop in Pittsford, MA. Once we pass through the last check point at the Red Lion in Stockbridge, MA everyone is free to improvise on the best way to get to the track (there are several). Your rally check point times and final estimated travel time will be due to the rally master (me) at Mom’s before breakfast.

On the line for the winner is complimentary admission to the track and a free dinner at our traditional stop in Bennington for a nice evening meal. And, of course, bragging rights for the next twelve months. Priceless! I’m going to see what I can come up with for primes for the team closest to each check point time. Should be a whole lot of fun.

Head Count

So far, Rick Neville, Bruce Bodemer (and his son), Lee Romano, Lee Accavallo, Dick Trono, and myself are in. I know that Bill Meub is out owing to the presence of a new mistress—his sailboat. Personally, I feel a bit slighted being dumped for a boat but, with time (and some single malt), I suppose I’ll recover. For those who are going, be thinking about your navigator. With the rally format this year, who ever’s in the right seat will actually have something to do. It would be great to see if we can attract a bit larger group and, to that end, I’m trying to get key neighbor Mike to come join our merry band with either his Elva or his big Healey. Either would be a splendid addition.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve turned the comments on for this post so feel free to add to the thread. You’ll need to be logged in to comment but can do that using Facebook or Google now.

Mom's in Wallingford, VT

Mom’s in Wallingford, VT

Gentleman’s Rally – Route and Rules (such as they are)
And we’re off!

The Rules – First things first.

  • This is all on the honor system
  • No use of electronic anything—no phones, no GPS, no navigation systems—nothing, nada, zippo. And if I missed something on my short list, you know what I mean.
  • You must submit projected times for each leg as well as your total time at breakfast the morning of the event.
  • The first two stops are mandatory. Final route to Lime Rock is optional.
  • Paper maps, stop watches are acceptable. Professional rally timers are allowed but you’ll endure the lasting ridicule of all your mates for stooping to such chicanery.
  • Each car will get a 1 minute grace period (over/under) against their posted time. After that, time penalties will be assessed as follows: 1-5 minutes over/under, add 5 minutes to your time, 6-10 minutes over/under, add 10 minutes to your time.
Hemming's Sunoco, Bennington

Hemming’s Sunoco, Bennington

The Route

  • Leg 1—Mom’s Country Kitchen in Wallingford, VT (27 N Main ST, Wallingford, VT) to Hemming’s Sunoco in Bennington (216 Main ST, Bennington, VT). Distance = 22.9 miles
  • Leg 2—Hemming’s Sunoco to Red Lion Inn (30 Main ST, Stockbridge, MA). We’ll meet in the parking lot on the RTE 7 side. Distance = 78 miles
  • Leg 3—Red Lion In to the ticket kiosk at Lime Rock Park ( 60 White Hollow Road Lakeville, CT). Your route from the Red Lion to the final checkpoint is up to you. Distance dependent on your route.
The Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge

The Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge


There will be a prizes awarded on each leg for the car closest to their projected time (one for the driver, one for the navigator). The grand prize will be complimentary dinner at Madison’s Brewery in Bennington on the way home or, if you’re unable to make our traditional stop at Madison’s, your ticket cost will be refunded to you.

I think that’s it for now. I have the four leg winner prizes on hand. If you have any questions or suggesting, send them on.




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