Calling All Drivers…

Been a while since I’ve sent along any new missives so I thought I’d catch up with everyone.

Need Your Help—I have a little project simmering that I think you’ll all enjoy. If each of you would be so kind as to forward 3-4 shots (or whatever you have) of your respective rides to me, I would appreciate it. If you’re computer savvy, it would be great if you could furnish JPEGs, 200DPI, 400 x 600 pixels. If you have no clue what I just asked for you can use a free tool like Picasa to convert your images to the correct specs. Just e-mail them to me when you get the chance. It would be nice if you would also include a picture of your handsome selves as well. I promise not to do anything illegal, embarrassing, or illicit with you pics.

Tickets—I have 10 tickets on hand. If you’re still going, would you be kind enough to shoot me off $30 per? If you’re still on the fence, don’t fret—I’ll hold them until about 2 weeks before the race at which time, I’ll probably e-Bay any that haven’t been taken.

Cars/Drivers/Navigators—As of right now we have 5 drivers and 1 navigator committed to or who have expressed interest in going. That means we still have 4 empty seats. It’s possible that Mr. Dick Trono and his Ducatti may be joining us, but I don’t think there’s room on it to go two up. As we get close to the event, I’m going to be looking for the fence sitters to make a decision so we can get drivers and navigators matched up.

Navigator Swap—Current plan is stop in Pittsfield, MA (about the halfway mark) to gas up and give the navigators a chance to switch seats. Any drivers who are comfortable having a complete stranger drive their pride and joy are also welcome to trade seats as well. Personally, I don’t have a problem with any of you taking the helm of the BV8 but that’s me. Others may not be so comfortable. Still, it’s there if any drivers want to partake.

Corrections—I mistakenly called Bill’s neighbor Bruce, by an erroneous name. I humbly apologize. To top it off, I asked Bill to supply me with Bruce’s e-mail address so he could start receiving my “spam”…which he did…and which I promptly lost. Bill, if you’d be so kind as to re-send Bruce’s contact info, I’d appreciate it.

Next, and maybe more important than getting a guy’s name wrong, I incorrectly identified Lee A’s ride…it’s a 2006 Z06. Sorry about that. Need to do a better job of keeping the facts straight.

The cake

Other News—One of our partners in all of this silliness, Rick Neville aka “Healey Rick”, has just retired from the working life. Don’t know about the rest of you, but now that Rick has nothing better to do (and I have a whole spare floor he can inhabit) I may be calling on him to help me finish “The Beast” in time for Labor Day. Seriously, if you get chance, ask Rick to forward you a shot of his retirement cake. It was absolutely killer!




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